The equipment I used on Norfolk Island was an Icom IC706MKIIg, 20 amp switch mode power supply, an ATU/antenna analyser and two antennas.

The antennas were a loaded dipole and an 80m dipole wire antenna.

For summits on the Air activities I used a Yaesu FT 817 with 14v volt LiPo battery and the loaded dipole (Buddipole).

I operated on HF bands with the majority of the 239 contacts made on 15m.

Operating Times

My operating time was most afternoons and evenings.

This internet connection on the Island is via a private carrier and I was required to purchase bandwidth to access the internet. The service was slow.

Steve VK3TSR provided great assistance back in Australia by passing on emailed information.

Telecommunications is also through a private service provider. This is quite costly.

The SOTA activation was on Saturday the 24th May 2014 at about 1pm local time.

The island time zone is UTC+10.50

Many thanks to Matt VK1MA who was of great assistance with the SOTA activation. Sorry we could not make contact on 12m.

Operating Frequencies

I used the following frequencies as calling frequencies +- QRM and will QSY as required.

80m 3.595MHz.

40m 7.105MHz.

20m 14.250MHz.

15m 21.250MHz.

10m 28.450MHz.

6m 50.150MHz, no 6m contacts.

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