Norfolk Island is the home to a mixture of land, water and seabirds.

Most of the island is untouched forest, mostly National Park,marine park and unique landscapes.

Summits on the Air (SOTA sites)

I activated the only site on the island that has been nominated as a SOTA site. This is:

Mt Bates VK9/NO-001 4 points. A walk to the summit through the National Park. The activation was on Saturday 24th May 2014 at approximately 1pm local (Norfolk Island time).

There is another peak on Phillip Island 6km South of the main Island and is only accessible by boat. The fishing charter boat does take people to Philip Island along with the a guide. The guide is mandatory.

The locals are very friendly and very willing to assist.


A bit of history

Norfolk Island is about 34.6 square kms. The island is located in the Coral Sea a 2 hour 10 minute flight from Brisbane. In 1856 the island saw the arrival of the descendants for the famous Bounty mutineers. They moved to Norfolk Island from Pitcairn Island as Pitcairn had become overcrowded.

Norfolk Island is World Heritage listed as the oldest Australian convict site.

The island was discovered by Europeans, Captain Cook, in 1774. The day after the First Fleet arrived at Botany Bay on the mainland, Lieutenant Phillip King selected a handful of men and women to colonise Norfolk Island.

Today the island is a beautiful tourist destination with a temperate climate and a friendly population. Ideal for a relaxing holiday.

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